Blessed in life to have the opportunity to serve – serve children, serve the nation and most of all, serve music!

Himanshu Nanda

With a life humbly dedicated to music, Himanshu Nanda’s persona envelopes many facets related to music to ensure its growth and reach to multiple segments of society.

Chinmaya Naada Bindu: Coming from a humble city in Odisha where music was taught informally, young Himanshu always dreamt of a school for performing arts where music was taught formally in the noble environment of guru shishya parampara – a school that provided a nurturing ambience where both the guru and shishya had ample opportunities to share knowledge and learn. It was a dream come true when Chinmaya Mission started Chinmaya Naada Bindu – A Gurukul for performing arts and his Holiness Swami Tejomayananda asked Himanshu to take on the role of “Director for music” at Chinmaya Naada Bindu.

Himanshu Nanda helped conceptualize the Gurukul, engineered processes and put systems in place to streamline the operations of the school thereby becoming one of its strong pillars.

As a director for music at Chinmaya Naada Bindu, Himanshu Nanda’s vision was to take music not only to the serious seekers on the path but also to the less privileged segment of the society where performing arts was nothing but a mere dream and to the busy working class of the society who wanted of pursue music but were rendered helpless owing to their hectic lifestyles or lack of proximity to a guru in a gurukul.

In order to address this gap, Himanshu Nanda came up with several activities to make music a movement across the segments of the society.


Guru at gurukul As a residing guru at Chinmaya Naada Bindu, Himanshu Nanda’s primary responsibility involves training and mentoring young aspirants of bansuri who are full time resident disciples of the Gurukul. He guides them on proper techniques of riyaaz and keeps them on the path of sadhana by frequently monitoring their growth on the path. Himanshu Nanda not only believes in mentoring them in music but also encourages them further to acquire real world skills to enable an all rounded development of their personality.


Chinmaya Social Responsibility-thumb Coming from a modest background where exposure to classical music was limited, Himanshu Nanda strongly believed in making music accessible to the rural segment of the society where performing arts was otherwise a mere dream. He believed in empowering little children by the means of performing arts and this idea gave birth to Chinmaya Social Responsibility.

Chinmaya Social Responsibility, a brain child of Himanshu Nanda, is a community development initiative by Chinmaya Naada Bindu that imparts free training in performing arts to rural children. The aim of this initiative is to add valuable dimension to children’s early development through stimulation of their inherent creative and artistic spirit.

This initiative spans across the surrounding villages of Chinmaya Vibhooti, training children in Hindustani vocal, tabla and bansuri along with need-based aids to their mainstream academic education and development.

Started in December 2012, the Chinmaya Social Responsibility Programme operates from Chinmaya Naada Bindu, Kolwan, Pune and presently covers three schools around Pune, training over 60 children in performing arts.


Workshops Himanshu Nanda has engineered workshops for the benefit of serious students in music as well as beginners to music. He believes that Indian music not only preserves the values and traditions of the nation but is a means to realise the ‘self’ with proper understanding and appreciation.

In line with this thought, Himanshu Nanda has come up with several workshops:

  • Intensives intensives

    Music intensives are residential workshops at Chinmaya Naada Bindu for short duration done for serious bansuri students across the country who are otherwise unable to devote time to learn bansuri under the guidance of a guru in a gurukul. Intensives prove to be a “crash course” wherein students are taught blowing techniques and ideal finger positions with in-depth study and practice of sargams and other technical aspects of bansuri. The students are also given knowledge on various aspects of Hindustani music and its application to bansuri. It also involves the study of a raga covering various aspects of improvisation. Students are further encouraged to practice and present the same on stage on the penultimate day of the workshop to ensure translation of knowledge acquired in the classroom to practice making them confident performers on stage.

  • MQ2HQ mq2hq

    Himanshu is the brain behind ’MQ 2 HQ’, a unique music workshop that enables a 360° experience on the elements of music, rhythm & meditation. This workshop has reached over 6,000 people, delighting students at both university and school level as well as employees at corporate houses inside and outside India. A modern and innovative activity-based learning approach and fun-filled teaching-learning environment has been very effective in reducing stress levels, enhancing team bonding and interpersonal skills, as well as bringing out the creative and emotional side in each individual. These workshops have been highly appreciated and recommended by the participants as a means to create positivity and cohesiveness in the workplace.

  • Dancing voices and singing bells dancing-voices

    This particular music appreciation workshop was designed keeping in mind children in the age group of 10 to 14 years with a view of kindling their interest in Indian classical music. In this module, children are given brief introduction to Indian classical music backed by stories of legendary maestros. Children are also enlightened on how music improves their brain activity and concentration power with real-time activity-based experiments. The entire workshop is made a fun learning process with children participating in an interactive lecture demonstration ambience.


During his journey on the path of music, Himanshu Nanda came across several earnest seekers who were looking to learn Bansuri, but didn’t have a chance to learn owing to problems such as logistics, time or the inability to find a guru. For those who live outside India, it is not that easy to find a guru to learn Bansuri in traditional style. In order to address this gap, Himanshu Nanda has started a “digital classroom” taking classes online through internet, teaching students who are geographically miles apart, especially for those who live outside India. His classes reach students in nations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Unites States, Australia, Sweden and Kenya.

Class Structure :

  • Assess the competency levels of students and accordingly customize modules to maximize learning and benefit.

  • One-to-one classes to ensure personalized, individual attention to monitor growth and progress.

  • Relevant reference material for revision after every session.

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