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Call of the Bamboo Reed is a 5-day Bansuri Workshop (non-residential) aiming to introduce the concept of intense practice and sadhana to the participants through this short course, organised by THE MYSTIC BAMBOO, in collaboration with Dibrugarh University Post Graduate Union

This workshop aims to enrich participants’ musical abilities while providing exposure to a Gurukula-style learning environment, set amidst the tranquil natural surroundings of Dibrugarh, Assam.


Course Fee:

Indian Residents: INR 4000

NRI & Foreign Residents: INR 6500


Advanced: 4-5 years of prior training

Intermediate: 1-3 years of prior training

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a non-residential workshop. So the participants will have to arrange their own stay and food. For any assistance regarding the arrangement of say, please feel free to contact us @7399551702 (Bitul Duwari).

We will use E base bansuri for Advanced groups and G# base bansuri for intermediate students.
It is advisable for Advance students to carry their G#  bansuri for group sessions along with E-base.

Workshop will start at 9.30am on 20th March and will end on 24th March by 1.00pm. Participants are requested to reach Dibrugarh by 19th march evening.

Once you complete your registration and pay fees, you will be directed to join our WhatsApp group. You will get all updates in the WhatsApp group.


Intense Alankar Sadhana

One Raga with Composition, Taans & Tihayees

Jaati Alankaras

Practice of Komal Swaras

10 Thaats in Hindustani Music


Long notes Sadhana

Jati Alankaras

Bansuri Techniques 

Raag Aalap & Jod 

Composition, Taans & Tihayees

Intro to  Self improvisation

Sessions to address individual blockages

Common session



Rhythm sessions

Curating alankaras

Past Workshops

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WhatsApp/Call: 7399551702  (Bitul Duwari), 9101706367 (Dr. Jadab Borah)