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The practice of meditation has far-reaching and long-lasting effects on our physical and mental health. Regular meditation helps to improve focus, tackle stress, address anxiety and boost immunity. Meditation allows us to get to know ourselves better and be more compassionate and understanding in our interactions with others.

Anyone who has listened to the drone of a tanpura can attest to the role that music can play in creating a peaceful ambience in which to meditate. Bansuri meditation, as practised by Shri Himanshu Nanda, takes this one step further by harnessing the potential of the bamboo flute and focussing on selected Ragas of Hindustani Classical Music, which are particularly good at invoking a contemplative mood.

The session begins with basic exercises to rein in the wandering mind to focus on the breath. The listener is guided to perform a thought-massage to put the different parts of the body at ease and invoke positive thoughts to heal and empower oneself to deal with life’s challenges. The bansuri makes a humble entrance, resting on a single note, emphasizing the focus of meditation to keep just one thought in the mind. The melody is then slowly expanded to weave in other notes but the tempo remains slow to foster an atmosphere of calmness. The resulting mood inspires gentle thoughts and a steady movement of the mind inward to discover the ocean of happiness that exists within.

Shri Himanshu Nanda conducts free, online Bansuri Meditation sessions and a dedicated WhatsApp group has been created to relay information about them.

Join the WhatsApp group, by clicking here, if you, too, would like to benefit from the experience of Bansuri Meditation!