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“Baithak” in Hindi literally means “a sit-down gathering.” In Hindustani Classical Music tradition, a baithak is a musical performance in a homely and intimate environment where musicians perform in close proximity to the audience as opposed to a more formal concert on a stage or for a large gathering. 

The Mystic Bamboo Baithak initiated by Shri Himanshu Nanda have been organized regularly in Pune since 2019 and have been very well-received by the community. These gatherings aim to elevate the atmosphere of performing arts recitals beyond just entertainment. The artists forging deeper connections with the audience transform the space to a spiritual assembly.

Established and upcoming artists of Indian music are regularly invited to perform at the Mystic Bamboo Baithaks. The objective of these events is not only giving a platform for artists to perform but also allowing them to share their musical journey with the community. The informal, interactive and educative atmosphere opens a gateway of musical exchange between the artists and the audience, greatly enriching the experience of art lovers and students of Indian music who attend the baithaks.

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The Mystic Bamboo Academy will soon be offering a frequent-listener programme for people who would like to attend these monthly mini-concerts, which are now conducted virtually due to the current situation. Watch this space to find out how you can subscribe to this programme in the future.