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How to take care of my flute


Flute/Bansuri is one of the sweetest, simplest and natural instruments. But, being made up of Bamboo, it is prone to pest attack, change in climate, cracks and whatnot which makes it very delicate and fragile. Thus, it should be handled with care and a Flute/Bansuri must be well aware of how to take care of the Flute/Bansuri. In this Online Flute Lesson, we will discuss some tips and tricks on how to maintain your Flute/Bansuri.

Choosing a correct Flute/Bansuri

We must ensure buying our Flute/Bansuri from an experienced Flute/Bansuri maker. We should also ensure the Flute/Bansuri we are buying is made up of top quality, seasoned bamboo. Better the quality of bamboo, longer it lasts and easier it is to maintain the Flute/Bansuri. Read how to know which size of flute is right for you.

Vist “ – The Most comprehensive Online Flute Course” to get details of some of the best and renowned Flute/Bansuri makers of India. All the flute makers, mentioned in the website, ensure the flute/bansuri is made up of premium quality bamboo. They ensure the bamboo used is matured, free from any termite infestation and moisture-free. The bamboo is also treated in fire before making the Flute/Bansuri.

Once the flute is ready, some flute makers treat the flute/bansuri with oil. They dip the flute in medicated oil (almond/sesame/mustard oil mixed with ginger oil) for about 24 hours. Ginger oil has antiseptic properties. This would help to alleviate any possible pest attack to the instrument in future.

Getting a Flute Cover

Always use a flute cover to store your flute to protect it from dust. Nowadays, almost all the flute makers are providing the flute covers along with the flute.

If your flute maker has not provided the cover, take a PVC pipe which is a little longer and wider than your flute and make a cover around it from any local bag manufacturer. The PVC pipe ensures the flute is not damaged or broken while travelling.

f you have a large collection of Flute/Bansuris, you can go for hard flute case cover as shown below.

Threading the Flute/Bansuri

Tying threads around the Flute/Bansuri, makes it look more beautiful. It also keeps the Flute/Bansuri tight and prevents the Flute/Bansuri from cracking. Below is a picture of a cracked Flute/Bansuri.

Almost all the flute makers put threads around Flute/Bansuri. Refer the picture below:

Sometimes Flute/Bansuri develops cracks even after proper threading. This might be various factors i.e. the Flute/Bansuri is exposed to extreme temperature or the bamboo might have weakened at some places. As an emergency, you can apply synthetic adhesives like Feviquick or any other similar brand to fix the crack. But, it is always advised to go to the flute maker for repairing the bansuri.

Storing and Carrying the Flute/Bansuri

The temperature of the place affects the tuning of the bansuri a lot. It is vulnerable to rapid change in temperature. Especially in cold places, blowing directly into the bansuri can cause cracks due to sudden temperature change. To avoid this, it is ideal to play the Flute/Bansuri at room temperature. We can also rub the flute/bansuri by gently gliding our palm on it to make it a little warm.

The flute/bansuri must not be stored at a damp/humid place. It is very likely to develop fungus when stored inside a cover for longer duration at such places. If the Flute/Bansuri develops fungus, wipe it gently with a clean cotton cloth. To clean the inner side of Flute/Bansuri, wrap the cloth around a long stick, insert into the open hole and rotate the cloth slowly. Make sure to not touch or change the position of the cork while cleaning.

Hence it is good to keep your Flute/Bansuri at a dry place. Also do not keep it idle for a long time, play the Flute/Bansuri from time to time.

If you are travelling by air, always carry the flute with you. Do not forget to put a fragile tag on your Flute/Bansuri case/cover if you are checking it into the luggage section of the aircraft.

Oiling the Bansuri

It is also good to oil the flute/bansuri from time to time, it helps prevent the fungus, also, keeps the bamboo solid.

Take a small cotton cloth, put 4-5 drops of sesame/mustard/almond oil, wrap the cloth around a long stick. Insert the stick into the Flute/Bansuri hole (just opposite to the cork hole) and try to rotate the stick slowly and softly so that the cloth touches the inner surface of Flute/Bansuri. Take the utmost care not to touch the cork. For cleaning the blowing and finger holes, take an earbud, dip the bud in the oil and then apply the oil by slowly rotating the earbud in the side of the holes.


The best way to maintain a flute/bansuri is to use it regularly. All the above-mentioned steps add to the lifespan of our musical companion. We should always treat the instrument with complete respect and care.

Hope the Online Bansuri Lesson helps you. Last but not the least, respect your Bansuri as a living entity. It is your lifelong companion…. 

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Hari Om!

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