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Effects Playing An Instrument Has On The Brain

We know that music makes you feel calm and relaxed. It has a unique effect on our heart rate as well as blood pressure, and makes us feel more relaxed by releasing happy hormones. Music can be a wonderful escape for you if you often suffer from stress and remain anxious. If you do feel […]

Ear Training to Understand Bansuri Tune

Ear training is one of the most crucial skills for learning the flute or any other instrument. A musician must develop a good listening ability to understand the subtle elements of music and identify the notes. Ear training also enhances our musicality and helps us understand music better. For a student undergoing flute training online, […]

7 Easy Songs for Bansuri Beginners

Playing light music and film songs is one of the most common aspirations of my students who undergo flute lessons online for beginners through my course and live online flute classes. To be able to play simple compositions and songs is an excellent way to stay motivated. I have put together a list of 7 […]

Why You Should Learn ‘The Bansuri’

In today’s scenario when everything seems a little bleak, learning music could be the right antidote to all the ills. Learning music, especially an instrument that has a beautiful simple origin, is easy to carry around, has a soothing effect on the mind, and can be learned through videos is a boon. But the big […]