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How to take care of my flute

Introduction: Flute/Bansuri is one of the sweetest, simplest and natural instruments. But, being made up of Bamboo, it is prone to pest attack, change in climate, cracks and whatnot which makes it very delicate and fragile. Thus, it should be handled with care and a Flute/Bansuri must be well aware of how to take care […]

Breathing Secrets for Flautist

When anyone thinks of an accomplished musician, finger dexterity is often the first image that comes to our mind. However, if you ask accomplished flute players, they will often say that breath control is a core skill that needs to be developed. Over the years, I have been experimenting with many approaches and exercises for […]

How to Know Which Size of Flute is Right for You

Indian bamboo flute is made from bamboo harvested in the mountains of north eastern states. From there it travels to artists in various parts of the country to be converted into one of the many types of flutes. There are two main traditions of music in India outside of regional folk music that use flute […]

Have you plateaued in your Bansuri?

Well begun is half done, they say. But half is still a long way from perfection. In the journey of music and mastery of the instrument, one makes considerable progress initially. However, there comes a time in the life of every musician, or an artist for that matter, when one runs out of ideas, guidance, […]

Why You Should Learn ‘The Bansuri’

In today’s scenario when everything seems a little bleak, learning music could be the right antidote to all the ills. Learning music, especially an instrument that has a beautiful simple origin, is easy to carry around, has a soothing effect on the mind, and can be learned through videos is a boon. But the big […]

Tips To Improve Your Bansuri Technique

The Bansuri (Indian Bamboo Reed), when handled by an expert, is truly a magical instrument that can transport the listener to another world altogether. This mastery over the instrument is the result of dedicated and disciplined development of the performer’s ability through long hours of rigorous Riyaz (practice). It is natural for a beginner Bansuri […]

The Mystery Of The Bansuri

The lilting tunes of the Bansuri can conquer the hearts and captivate the minds of its spell-bound listeners. But what is it that makes the Bansuri such a magical instrument in the hands of a gifted performer? This Mystic Bamboo flute tutorial will make an attempt to shed some light upon the inner workings of […]

Guru-Shishya Parampara In Indian Classical Music

“I was blind because of the dense darkness of ignorance;  my eyes were opened by the Guru with the collyrium of knowledge.” My prostrations unto Him! Words can never express the greatness of the Guru and the Guru-shishya parampara. This parampara is above all boundaries and limitations.  The culture of Bharat (India) is extremely diverse […]