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Difference between Indian and Western Flutes

It has been a topic of great intrigue amongst students of music around the globe, as well as discerning connoisseurs of music, to see and hear a simple musical instrument like flute, being performed in so many varied forms and with such diverse physical attributes in its construction. There are several different versions of flute […]

Effects Playing An Instrument Has On The Brain

We know that music makes you feel calm and relaxed. It has a unique effect on our heart rate as well as blood pressure, and makes us feel more relaxed by releasing happy hormones. Music can be a wonderful escape for you if you often suffer from stress and remain anxious. If you do feel […]

Beginner Bansuri Skills: Ways To Improve Your Bansuri Skill Faster

You don’t really need to be born talented to become a great bansuri player. What you really need is dedication and a lot of practice. With these two, anyone can become a skilled flautist. If you are wishing you develop this level of skill, you are at the right place. There are a number of […]

Ear Training to Understand Bansuri Tune

Ear training is one of the most crucial skills for learning the flute or any other instrument. A musician must develop a good listening ability to understand the subtle elements of music and identify the notes. Ear training also enhances our musicality and helps us understand music better. For a student undergoing flute training online, […]

The Indian flute-maker spreading love through music

The Indian bamboo flute is usually made of special bamboo sourced from the mountains of Assam. A number of renowned flute makers have been in this profession for generations together and have learnt the craft from their elders. Unfortunately the profession, like all other artistic professions is becoming scarce but a few stalwarts are keeping […]

7 Easy Songs for Bansuri Beginners

Playing light music and film songs is one of the most common aspirations of my students who undergo flute lessons online for beginners through my course and live online flute classes. To be able to play simple compositions and songs is an excellent way to stay motivated. I have put together a list of 7 […]

8 Flute Practise Hacks: Save Time and Improve Faster

If you are an online student and learning bansuri techniques from online flute classes, one of the pitfalls you will potentially encounter is the right way to practice. Right from catching yourself from sitting in a wrong position to knowing how to make the most of the limited time you have, you will need a […]

5 Steps on How to Learn Flute at Home by Yourself

I have spent many many years learning to play the Bansuri. It is a very simple instrument to begin with yet the most difficult instrument to master. It is the finest instrument nature has ever produced. As a practitioner of bansuri, we don’t just blow air into it but we blow our pranavayu, ‘the life […]

Healing Techniques of Bansuri for Relaxation

Bansuri music plays a bigger role than being an art form, it also heals. All of us, at some point in time, have listened to a piece of bansuri music and felt the relaxing effect on the human body and mind. A research on patients suffering from joint pains shows that listening to bansuri music […]

Benefits of Music Education

Truth is not a means to an end, it is an end unto itself.. -Mahatma Gandhi If there is something that comes closest to silence, that’s music. A child’s first introduction to music happens even before words fall on his ears- the perpetual rhythm of mother’s heartbeat. The love that flows through the heartbeat keeps […]